Litter born 2.3.2015



Both parents have been tested for PL and PRA and they both don't show any signs of diseases.

Nuti is tested for Pap PRA1 and has status normal and Gapo has statis normal by parantage

which means that puppies can't develop disease caused by this gene.



Papilio Rex Eros Dare to Dream


Papilio Rex Evie the First Lady

Day 1  
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
9 weeks
Action Man Lovely Tina Ch. Semicvetik Sunny Secret Ch. Lamonia's Don Juan Ch. Lamonia's Nicklas
Lamonia's Cinderella
Ch. Semicvetik I Love You Ch. Livio von Drei-Birken
Ch. Zimnaya Vishnya ot Bell Fiet
Ch. Dangle Dolly Nueva Sorpresa Ch. Vittoria's Strike Vittoria's Swingtime
Chipmans Afro-Dite
Ch. Queen Star Nueva Sorpresa Ch. Toymaker's Valentino
Ch. Cinderella Hessit Aven Turin
JCh. Nutella the Sweetest Voltaire de Pompadour Ch. Chakmanis Take the Lead Ch. Lamonia's Dr. Doolittle
Ch. Chakmani's Take It Easy
Zelina Show Girl vom Cavalierchen Ch. Toymaker's Piece of Cake
Irma Easy vom Cavalierchen
JCh. Milli Vanilli She's Diva Ch. D'Artagnan de Pompadour Ch. Toymaker's Piece of Cake
Ch. Lucyndae Nueva Sorpresa
Ch. Diamondsun's Winner of Hearts Ch. Diamondsun's Tommy Boy
Ch. Diamondsun's Kovu